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 We have developed a wide range of projects that are focused on providing opportunities and resources to those in need. All of our efforts are made possible through generosity of others including donations that we receive and all of our volunteers like you! Read more to learn about our inspiring projects and how you can get involved by volunteering or donating.


At Kingdom Kids, we are dedicated to helping children and families in need. Our goal is to provide resources that can help families move towards self-sufficiency and to provide children with a safe and secure environment.We rely on donations from generous individuals and organizations to help us provide these resources. Every penny donated goes towards helping children and families in need, so rest assured knowing your donation is going to a great cause. Join us in our mission and make a difference today.


We are committed to empowering children to make healthy decisions. Recently, we have launched projects that focus on teaching children home gardening, organic foods and proper nutrition intake. This is a big focus area for us to help create the healthiest version of themselves. Read more about these projects and how you can get involved!

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If you or someone you know would like to donate or give back, please contact us. Every donation we receive has a meaningful impact towards our cause.

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Jeremy & April Freeman (Founders)

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