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At Kingdom Kids, we believe every child contains infinite potential

waiting to be nurtured. Our mission is to water the seeds of greatness

already planted in their hearts.


We do this by providing enriching environments where youth can grow.

Our programs guide them to look within to find their unique gifts and

talents. We explore nature, art, sports, community - any activity

sparking their curiosity. Children thrive when they feel seen, heard,

and loved.


Our role is to reflect back their inner light and beauty, so they

remember who they truly are. We instill in them a deep sense of

belonging, empowering them to boldly contribute their skills towards

making our world a better place.


When we invest in children holistically, we are investing in our

shared future. We are growing gardeners who will cultivate abundance

for generations to come. Our youth have so much wisdom, strength and

creativity to offer the world. When we see the beauty within our youth

and nurture their spirits, they see their own beauty too. This is the

ripple effect that will shape our shared future into one of




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